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In bygone days, WayzGoose was the most important day of the year for printing houses. On this day, the 24th of August, printers would close to mark the end of the summer period, and the beginning of the season of working by candlelight. On this, the day the owners of the printing houses would thank their staff for their work throughout the year. Their feast would be centred around a Goose, which was fattened by the stubble (also known as wayz) from a field of grain. We strive to print and bind with the same attention to detail as these master craftsmen.

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We recently gifted WayzGoose journals to a team of new Team Members at PFH, and were delighted with the premium quality of these beautiful journals. We opted for the career-focused journal template, with the peacock cover. Having the option to make changes to the format of the journal made it very personal to PFH and supported our message on what is important for new Team Members to focus. The gifts were very well received, and are a fantastic resource to showcase our own company logo in a beautiful and practical way. Knowing that these Irish-made journals are made from sustainable materials and are fully recyclable is in-keeping with our own brand ethos.
We would highly recommend WayzGoose journals as a corporate gift.
Susan Manning, PFH Technology Group

The journal is one of humanity’s oldest and most enduring inventions.

Lost in digital devices, people wanted serenity. So we customised a journal to increase well-being. A source of calm in the midst of chaos. An enhancer of productivity and creativity. There is no serenity without sustainability. So we created journals made from 100% sustainable materials. Produced by Lettertec in Carrigtwohill, they represent the best in Irish innovation. Made from recycled, premium paper, they are both deluxe and environmentally progressive.

Our mission was to take the classic journal and create a fresh, dynamic and original tool. We asked the world what it wanted, and we listened.

WayzGoose – Journals for Work & Life